Telekom Veszprém - THW Kiel 2020. 12. 02. 18:45
Preparation games
Telekom Veszprém 31
Grundfos Tatabánya 33
Aug. 05. Wednesday, 18:00
Preparation games
Telekom Veszprém 41
HE-DO B.Braun Gyöngyös 30
Aug. 08. Saturday, 13:00
Preparation games
Telekom Veszprém 26
Balatonfüredi KSE 26
Aug. 15. Saturday, 13:00
Preparation games
Telekom Veszprém 29
Lomza Vive Kielce 32
Aug. 21. Friday, 18:00
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 35
Budakalász Kézilabda Zrt. 24
Aug. 28. Friday, 18:00
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 40
Csurgói KK 21
Sep. 02. Wednesday, 18:00
SEHA League
Telekom Veszprém 28
HC Meshkov Brest 24
Sep. 04. Friday, 18:00
SEHA League
HC Vardar 1961 27
Telekom Veszprém 35
Sep. 06. Sunday, 20:30
Hungarian league
Veszprémi KKFT Felsőörs 21
Telekom Veszprém 37
Sep. 09. Wednesday, 20:15
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 34
Ceglédi KKSE 19
Sep. 13. Sunday, 18:00
Champions League
HBC Nantes 24
Telekom Veszprém 28
Sep. 16. Wednesday, 20:45
Champions League
Telekom Veszprém 37
PPD Zagreb 25
Sep. 24. Thursday, 18:45
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 37
Orosházi FKSE-Linamar 20
Sep. 27. Sunday, 18:00
Champions League
HC Motor Zaporozhye 34
Telekom Veszprém 37
Sep. 30. Wednesday, 18:45
Hungarian league
Ceglédi KKSE 20
Telekom Veszprém 48
Oct. 07. Wednesday, 18:00
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 38
Balatonfüredi KSE 11
Oct. 11. Sunday, 16:45
Champions League
Telekom Veszprém 39
RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko 24
Oct. 14. Wednesday, 18:45
Hungarian league
HE-DO B.Braun Gyöngyös 25
Telekom Veszprém 35
Oct. 17. Saturday, 18:00
Champions League
THW Kiel 31
Telekom Veszprém 31
Oct. 28. Wednesday, 18:45
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 29
FTC KN Kft. 25
Nov. 11. Wednesday, 17:45
Hungarian league
SBS Eger 21
Telekom Veszprém 40
Nov. 13. Friday, 18:00
Champions League
Aalborg Handbold 27
Telekom Veszprém 33
Nov. 18. Wednesday, 18:45
Champions League
Telekom Veszprém 30
Aalborg Handbold 32
Nov. 25. Wednesday, 18:45
Hungarian league
Telekom Veszprém 36
Veszprémi KKFT Felsőörs 20
Nov. 27. Friday, 18:00
Champions League
Telekom Veszprém
THW Kiel
Dec. 02. Wednesday, 18:45
Champions League
Telekom Veszprém
Dec. 10. Thursday, 20:45
Hungarian league
MOL-Pick Szeged
Telekom Veszprém
Dec. 17. Thursday, 19:00
2020. May. 15. Friday, 13:54
General news

Interview with David Davis

He is in constant contact with his players, and already plans for the next season. We asked a few questions from our head coach, a bit about the future, but he also spoke about his time in quarantine.
How often did you speak to the players during quarantine? What do you know about them? Who is still in Veszprém?
There were only 4-5 players who went home immediately. The rest of the players stayed because it was not easy to go back to their countries, and the situation was quite good in Hungary. Almost everybody live in a house with a big garden in which they can go outside. Little by little it was time to go home. I think now, only Manaskov, Mahé, Tonnesen, Gajic, Terzic, Borozan and Paczkowski are here and the Hungarian players, the rest of them are at home. In normal situation, like during a summer vacation, I only call once, just to know how is it going. In these times, I called the players every second week, to know how are they, how is the family, how is the situation in their own country. I always called them on video every time. I also spoke with my bosses, and the people from the office as well. I was trying to be in contact with everyone because I wanted to see if everything was all right.
The fans could see on our social media that some players were in the Arena, training. Do you plan trainings for the near future, or did they just gather to do bit of exercising?
This is because the players, who were injured during the season, should start the preparations earlier. I am going in also, to help them with things. Some players, who are here, could go to the Arena, but it is voluntary.
Are you planning the comeback to the handball stage already?
We are planning the new season already, we started two weeks ago. We are optimistic, and we would like to start the season in a normal way. We are already working on the tactics.
This was a bigger break than usual. Is it going to be harder to come back for the players mentally, or physically?
It is not going to be hard mentally, but physically yes. They did not practice handball for a long time. Even though the players are professional, and did the exercises at home, lifting weights and riding the bicycle. I am happy to have these players, I asked Marija, our fitness coach, and her feedback was great. The players even asked for more. This month, they should rest, but also start again a bit. The most important is handball. I hope everyone returns in good shape, and nobody will have problems. I think mentally there will be no problem. Missing four month is too much.
How is your family? How was the quarantine in the last months?
I was resting a lot in the first month. These last two years were really exciting for me, but also very tiring and stressful. I like this kind of rhythm and I like my job, but when this happened it was good for me so I could rest a little. I was doing yoga and meditation. I tried to be more chill and rest my mind as much as possible. In the second month, I wanted to do more activities, but unfortunately I could not. I got to spend a lot of time with my kids and my wife. My kids are still small, so it is important to spend time with them, we played games, watched movies, or play on the PlayStation. I usually play Call of Duty, or Just Dance.
Your country, Spain, suffered a lot during the pandemic. How is the situation there after a few months?
It is getting better, the infections were decreased a lot. I think we had a lack of good decisions. They are trying really hard to reestablish the normality in the country. It is not going smooth and people are starting to lose their patience, but I think everything is going to be all right at home.
Do you have any message for the Fans in these critical times?
The team and the players are okay, and I really hope our Supporters are fine as well. The situation in Hungary was quite good, so I really hope everyone is in good health. The only active part of our Club was the social media, where they continued their support as well. We are going to come back stronger, and with them, because without them, we are not that strong.
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Updated at: 2020.11.18.
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