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2015. feb letöltés


Telekom Veszprém - Grundfos Tatabánya KC 33:22

We have achieved a confident victory over Tatabánya.

Telekom Veszprém – Grundfos Tatabánya KC 33:22 (15:10)
Telekom Veszprém: Székely, Cupara – Manaskov 3, Yahia 1, Tönnesen 6, Nilsson 3, Marguc 2, Lauge 3, Terzic, Blagotinsek, Nenadic 4 (2), Mahé 7 (4), Hornyák, Bodor, Mackovsek 4, Lékai
Grundfos Tatabánya KC: Bartucz, Borbély – Bozovic 3, Pásztor 1, Vujovic 2 (1), Sipos, Borzas 2, Ilyés, Balogh 2, Szász 2, Győri 5, Dénes, Ancsin 4, Ernei, Hornyák, Vranjes 1
Penalties: 6/6 and 1/1
Suspensions: 6 min. and 10 min.
Veszprém played against Tatabánya, the bronze medalist of the last season. The game started with a fantastic Tönnesen goal, and then Nenadic missed a clean chance. The guests could score their first goal very hardly, but they did it by Balogh. Veszprém tried to make spaces with a lot of crosses (9. min 4-2). Both team had hard defense and because of the goalkeepers, there were not too many goals. (17. min 7-6). The referees used the video assistant review, but Sipos got only 2 minutes suspension. Former Veszprém players (Győri, Ancsin, Borzas) played in offense in Tatabánya and tried to catch Veszprém (23. min 10-9). With a big home team run, the result was 15-10 in the break.
In the Veszprém Lauge and Mahé, on the other side Győri was on fire. The two goalkeepers Cupara and Bartucz still showed huge saves. Manaskov scored the 20. Veszprém goal and increased the advantage to 7 goals. Veszprém raised the tempo what Tatabánya could not follow. (45. min 23-15). Coach Davis often rotated the players and tried to give a chance to everyone. Mahé scored many goals, even from penalties. Almost every home attack finished with a goal and 7 minutes to the end the difference was 10 goals with Mackovsek’s goal. With Nilsson’s outstanding move, the result changed to 30-20. The final score is a convincing Veszprém victory.
David Davis: We wanted to fix a few things before the start of the Champions League. We wanted to have better defense and to concede less goals and we could do it today. This game was very important for us because Tatabánya is one of the best team in the league and we have a huge respect for them, and Vladan Matic as well. Good luck to them for the rest of the season!
Andreas Nilsson: First thanks to Tatabánya for the tough and fair game. We suffered in the beginning; we needed time to reach the optimal level. We are waiting the Champions Leauge start; it was a perfect game to prepare ourselves for that. I wish all the best for Tatabánya.
Vladan Matic: It is unusual that I am not angry after such a loss. In fact, I am satisfied and happy that Mátyás Győri could return after a long time and he was leader on the court. I am also happy for Milos Vujovic, who could spend 30 minutes on the court today. They are two very important players for us. There were some good moments, and we were head to head with Veszprém until 26 minutes, but after that, I started looking into the future, about the game against Ferencváros. I halved everyone’s playing time. There were some silly mistakes, that we have to correct to get back to the level we wish to be on. It is a bit shaky still, but I am optimistic after this game. Good luck to Veszprém in the league and in the Champions League as well.
Mátyás Győri: We played against a very strong Veszprém, we tried to play without pressure and we could in the first 20 minutes, but after that Veszprém run away. For us the more important match is coming on Saturday. Congratulation to Veszprém and good luck for the upcoming matches.
Photo: Dávid Vörös

2019. szeptember. 10. 20:35


BL tabella
SEHA liga
Bajnokság tabella
A B csoport állása  
1. HC Vardar 0
2. Telekom Veszprém 0
3. PGE Vive Kielce
4. HC Meshkov Brest 0
5. HC Motor Zaporozhye
6. Montpellier HB
7. FC Porto Sofarma 0
8. THW Kiel 0
Hublot Replica
A B csoport állása
1. Telekom Veszprém 6
2. Eurofarm Rabotnik 3
3. PPD Zagreb
4. Meshkov Brest 0
5. Metaloplastika
6. Spartak Moscow
Az alapszakasz végeredménye   
1. Telekom Veszprém 8
2. MOL-Pick Szeged
3. FTC-HungaroControl 4
4. Dabasi KC VSE
5. Balatonfüredi KSE
6. HE-DO B. Braun Gyöngyös 2


Bajnokság (NB I)
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Frissítve: 2019.09.10.
Éles József - 1606 gól
Nemzetközi kupa
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.09.10.
Perez Carlos - 640 gól
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.09.10.
Éles József - 2548 gól

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2019.09.10. Veszprém - Tatabánya (fotó: Vörös Dávid)

2019.08.31. Veszprém - Vác (fotó: Vörös Dávid)

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