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Szeged – Veszprém pregame statements

„We have to be disciplined and aggressive right from the start.”

The biggest derby in the K&H League comes on Sunday when Telekom Veszprém visits MOL-Pick Szeged. The game will start at 13:45 and will be broadcasted by M4 Sport live. We asked our head coach and players about this prestige encounter.
David Davis: This game is going to be complicated because Szeged has all week to prepare for the game. They were playing a lot of games before December, and have a lot of free weeks now. They played on Saturday last time and now they have this whole week to prepare. I know that coach Pastor will prepare for the match with every point and every colon. We had a game on Tuesday so we do not have too much time to get ready. It will be difficult match for both teams just like for the referees, so I hope that everybody will bring his best. If it happens then this derby will be beautiful and a real celebration for the Hungarian handball. Both teams are in the quarterfinal of the Champions League, both of them are having an excellent season, and everybody wants to enjoy the clash on Sunday.
Máté Lékai: I think that the important part of the season is starting just now, because everything is decided in the Spring. The current form of the teams does not matter in a Szeged – Veszprém game. I think our opponent is not is a bad form, it only hard to get back to the correct system. A lot of players play in a different style in their own national teams. You cannot rest in a derby like this, you have to go full power, anything goes, because there is a prestige value of this game. I think no one will hold back on Sunday.
Kent Robin Tonnesen: I think we have to concentrate on ourselves and play what we want. We have to be disciplined and aggressive right from the start. It is important. I am looking forward to this game, because it is always fun to play these kind of derbies. Our Fans go crazy when we play against Szeged and I cannot wait to feel the atmosphere on Sunday.
Árpád Sterbik: There will be no special importance of this game regarding the points in the league, because neither of the teams can go up, nor down. Despite this, we know that a Szeged – Veszprém is a huge derby and we will try to show as good of a performance as possible. We lost at home this Fall, and we were not in a great form back then, so it would be good to get those points back on Sunday. We would like to play well but if all goes well, we will still have three important games with them, on in the cup and two in the league. I expect a hard game, where we would like to win of course, but if we can see some progress from the team, we have to be satisfied with that as well.
Photo: Dávid Vörös

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BL tabella
SEHA liga
Bajnokság tabella
A B csoport állása  
1. HC Vardar 0
2. Telekom Veszprém 0
3. PGE Vive Kielce
4. HC Meshkov Brest 0
5. HC Motor Zaporozhye
6. Montpellier HB
7. FC Porto Sofarma 0
8. THW Kiel 0
Hublot Replica
A B csoport állása
1. Telekom Veszprém 6
2. Eurofarm Rabotnik 3
3. PPD Zagreb
4. Meshkov Brest 0
5. Metaloplastika
6. Spartak Moscow
Az alapszakasz végeredménye   
1. Telekom Veszprém 8
2. MOL-Pick Szeged
3. FTC-HungaroControl 4
4. Dabasi KC VSE
5. Balatonfüredi KSE
6. HE-DO B. Braun Gyöngyös 2


Bajnokság (NB I)
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.09.10.
Éles József - 1606 gól
Nemzetközi kupa
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.09.10.
Perez Carlos - 640 gól
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.09.10.
Éles József - 2548 gól

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Veszprém Handball Team Zrt. 

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2019.09.10. Veszprém - Tatabánya (fotó: Vörös Dávid)

2019.08.31. Veszprém - Vác (fotó: Vörös Dávid)

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