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Montpellier – Veszprém pregame statements

„It will be hard, but I believe in us.”

We asked our brand new head coach and three players about their expectations against Montpellier.
David Davis: Montpellier did not succeed to collect any points since the start of the new season, but they are still the reigning champions of the Champions League. For that, they have my respect, and also their coach is in the CL for a long time now. We prepare for the match as best as we can but they will play at home. If you want to achieve anything in a competition, you have to win your home games so they are the favorites of the match. I think our team is ready to go there and will be ready to play on Saturday.
László Nagy: It will be a very important game for Montpellier and of course for us as well. It is always harder to play against an injured beast. They will enjoy the advantage of home court and the stakes are huge for both parties. We are not in our best period neither. I hope that the victory in Brest will put us back into our place, but we will need some time for our performance to hit the expected levels. Naturally, we travel to France for two points, and we have been preparing this whole week keeping that in mind.
Dragan Gajic: I expect a very hard game. I know their coach, I know their mentality and they did not start well this season. They have zero points and I am sure that they will do 200% to win their first points against us. We are on a good way and we are a bit up now. It will be a hard game but we will see at the end who will be happier.
Manuel Strlek: We won our last game in Brest and we want to keep on going with victories. We tried some new things on training with the new coach and I am sure that we will play a good game there and we will try to win. They have a hard schedule and collected zero points so far. They have to start winning and they have a little bit of pressure on them. It will be hard, but I believe in us.
Photo: Dávid Vörös

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BL tabella
Bajnokság tabella
Az A csoport állása  
1. Barca Lassa 20
2. Telekom Veszprém 16
3. HC Vardar
4. PGE Vive Kielce 14
5. Rhein-Neckar Löwen
6. Montpellier HB
7. HC Meshkov Brest 7
8. IFK Kristianstad 5
Az alapszakasz állása   
1. MOL-Pick Szeged 36
2. Telekom Veszprém
3. Grundfos Tatabánya KC 25
4. Csurgói KK
5. HE-DO B. Braun Gyöngyös
6. Balatonfüredi KSE 18


Bajnokság (NB I)
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.02.12.
Éles József - 1606 gól
Nemzetközi kupa
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.02.12.
Perez Carlos - 640 gól
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.02.12.
Éles József - 2548 gól

TAO-s Támogatások

Veszprém Handball Team Zrt. 

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2019.02.12. Veszprém - Budakalász (fotó: Vörös Dávid)

2019.02.02. Csurgó - Veszprém (fotó: Vörös Dávid)

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