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Interview with Kentin Mahé

“I want to bring back the Hungarian championship to Veszprém for the Fans.”

From 1 July, Kentin Mahé is officially a Veszprém player. We asked the world champion and fresh Bundesliga winner center back about his move to his new home.
You are now officially the player of Telekom Veszprém. Are you excited for the season ahead of us?
Yes, I am very excited for the new adventure and to experience another culture. Also to train and play with stars. I am excited to improve myself in a great Club and that is why I came to Veszprém.
How did you see your last season in Flensburg?
At the end, it was great and a nice memory. For me it was kind of a weird situation. Last season was like a rollercoaster for me. In the beginning, I had great opportunities to play and I had a lot of responsibilities. At the end, I did not play so much. That is why I had a hard time, and that is why I am looking forward to change the page and to move to the next chapter. I have this bad taste in my mouth for the end, only speaking about handball. We have a lot of friends in Flensburg, and it was hard to leave them, but if we speak about handball, I am happy to be in Veszprém.
How was your farewell from your last team?
I did not speak so much although we had a big stage next to the arena. It was organized very well. Everybody thought we are going to win against Göppingen, and we managed to do it, closely. After that the party could start. We could celebrate a huge thing with our fans, but we only had a few hours to do so, because it was a Sunday game, and everybody had to go to work on Monday. I took the microphone and said “What takes long, will finally happen”. It is a German proverb. I said that because they waited 14 years for this Bundesliga title. It was surprising that it happened, but it happened and we are very happy about it. It is my first club title. I did not say much, actually.
How is the moving to your new home?
I am very happy. The house is almost done, only little things are left like arranging the furniture.
You are moving here with your family, will they like the new environment? What do you think?
They are excited. They have great respect. It is their first time in a foreign country and they do not know a lot of people. We have a lot of friends in Flensburg and it was hard to leave them. I am sure that this adventure will keep us close. I am sure that we are going to meet new friends here, of course, I know some guys, like Andreas Nilsson and his girlfriend, Rasmus Lauge comes next season, René Toft Hansen speaks German and his wife does too. We have to adjust to the culture and mentality of the country and the Club. That is what we are going to do.
What are your first impressions of Hungary?
I ate very good food here, every time. I have not seen so much. I want to discover some places near the Balaton, and I want to get to know more of Budapest and Veszprém. I am sure there are nice places here as well, and we will discover them.
The team goes to training camp at the end of July and then plays a lot of preparation games. What do you expect from those matches?
It is hard to say now. We have to prepare as good as possible. I think we are going to lose some matches, because it is normal with new players. It is a changing and it is normal during the adjustment time. We have to adjust to each other and find the chemistry. I am looking forward to play here with my new team with new pivots, new defense and new goalkeepers for me. I know the system of coach Vranjes a little bit, but it is going to be interesting.
What would you like to achieve with the team in the next season?
I want to bring back the Hungarian championship to Veszprém for the Fans! It is very important. I want to win the Hungarian Cup and I would like to go to Cologne to the Final4. In the final, anything can happen.
Photo: Dávid Vörös

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