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2015. feb letöltés


Foreshadow: Veszprém – Balatonfüred

The new team plays its first preparation game.

On Friday, at 5:00 p.m., Telekom Veszprém hosts Balatonfüredi KSE in the Veszprém Arena on a friendly game. The match will not be televised but the entry is free of charge and it does not require registering.
Balatonfüred is a well-known opponent for us, as we play against them many times a season. Last year we met them four times. The first encounter was a friendly game behind closed doors, which we won 37:31. The second game was in the championship in Balatonfüred, where we managed to win again 25:39. Our top scorer was Dejan Manaskov with 9 goals. For the third time we hosted them in the Veszprém Arena in the K&H League and won for the third time and did not stop until 40 goals. Our top scorer was Dejan Manaskov, again, with 8 goals. The fourth time we met was in the Hungarian Cup semi-final. The game ended in a 38:22 victory, from which Iman Jamali scored 7 times.
Balatonfüred finished the 2017/18 season on the fourth place in the league. They collected 40 points and were short by only 2 points to achieve third place. They recorded 20 wins and 6 losses in 26 games.
Gasper Marguc will not play on Friday’s game because of a lower back problem. Our Slovenian right wing travelled home where he receives therapy and will likely be out for 3 weeks. Momir Ilic will also miss the game against Füred, because he suffered a calf injury earlier this week.
The players of Telekom Veszprém are doing preparations for the next season for more than 2 weeks now, they are running and lifting weights tirelessly, while playing handball in the afternoons. Friday’s preparation game will knock them out of the monotone days and can give them a new push for the next period of the preparations. The Fans can see the new players in action for the first time. Árpád Sterbik, René Toft Hansen, Manuel Strlek, Kentin Mahé and Borut Mackovsek will play their first game in the Veszprém Arena. We hope that a lot of Supporters will come and see the game, and cheer the boys on for the victory.
Let’s go Veszprém!
Photo: Dávid Vörös

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BL tabella
SEHA liga
Bajnokság tabella
A B csoport állása  
1. HC Vardar 0
2. Telekom Veszprém 0
3. PGE Vive Kielce
4. HC Meshkov Brest 0
5. HC Motor Zaporozhye
6. Montpellier HB
7. FC Porto Sofarma 0
8. THW Kiel 0
A B csoport állása
1. PPD Zagreb 0
2. Meshkov Brest 0
3. Eurofarm Rabotnik
4. Metaloplastika Sabac 0
5. Telekom Veszprém
6. Spartak Moscow
Az alapszakasz végeredménye   
1. MOL-Pick Szeged 0
2. Telekom Veszprém
3. Grundfos Tatabánya KC 0
4. Balatonfüredi KSE
5. Csurgói KK
6. HE-DO B. Braun Gyöngyös 0


Bajnokság (NB I)
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.06.12.
Éles József - 1606 gól
Nemzetközi kupa
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.06.12.
Perez Carlos - 640 gól
A legjobb góllövő
Frissítve: 2019.06.12.
Éles József - 2548 gól

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